Italy Expanding Footprint with Cult Sneaker Brand Beyond Borders


Italy’s luxury sneaker brand Golden Goose experienced a remarkable growth of 30% in their revenues last year, with their core product range heavily contributing to their success. CEO Silvio Campara confirmed there is potential for growth in other product avenues, yet he remains tight-lipped on what product categories the company might invest in.

Campara shared the company’s ambition to stay up-to-date with current trends and to keep a close eye on competitor’s progress by maintaining their prices lower, yet working to provide premium products. The demand for their sneakers, that feature a five-point star on the side and are priced at €400 per pair, mainly came from the Americas, which recorded a 55% increase in sales in the past year.

In 2020, private equity firm Permira acquired Golden Goose from rival Carlyle and valued the group at €1.3 billion. Last year the company bought their top supplier Italian Fashion Team, granting them the ability to secure their skilled makers and ensuring the production in-house.

CEO Silvio Campara expressed his ambition for the brand, with plans to open more stores, acquire more companies and strengthen the supply chain. He noted the importance of customer’s trust, widely produced by the rise in demand, driven by the low price increase of only 5% to 6% in the past three years.

Golden Goose stands out in the world of fashion amongst luxury brands, thanks to its savvy CEO and innovative outlook to the craftsmanship and a mission to create attractive, quality sneakers and clothing. With an ambition to expand beyond sneakers, the company is sure to be a leader in the world or luxury fashion.