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Joe Biden’s Manufacturing Plant Tour in the Midwest – A Powerful Contrast to Trump’s Hush Money Scandal


Joe Biden, the 46th US President, made his way to Fridley, Minnesota on Monday to push his policy of boosting infrastructure and manufacturing jobs while his predecessor is being arraigned over a hush money arrangement from 2016. The contrast between the two different administrations and their opposite approaches to the job couldn’t be starker here.

Biden spent the day touring a Cummins Inc. factory, taking in the everyday operations of a working American business as thousands of gallons of fuel are being processed into engines. At the same time, back in New York City police erected barricades outside the courtroom where Donald Trump was to be arraigned for his alleged misdeeds. The meeting was yet another illustration about the ‘two Americas’ taking shape in the country – Biden reaching out to ordinary citizens to push his agenda while Trump is overshadowed in controversy and court proceedings.

Biden framed his visit as not only a tour of the facility but also a chance to share the success of his policies when it comes to the economy. He was keen to point out that his first two years have led to the creation of more jobs – 12 million to be exact – than any former president in four years. He also called on America’s billionaires to “pay their fair share” of taxes and cut down on their hefty subsidies.

Cummins Inc., a leader in advanced diesel and natural gas technology, announced a $1 billion investment pledge as part of the visit. This speaks to the tangible success of Biden’s policies thus far, outlining how the nation needs new investments in infrastructure to kickstart economic growth.

Donald Trump, however, has remained a thorn in Biden’s side throughout his first two years in office, often combating the latter’s initiatives with his own inefficient policies. After failing to make a mark in 2020 elections, Trump has since indicated that he might bid for the 2024 presidential seat. As if to give evidence to his own incompetence, he actually increased the deficit during his tenure by $2 trillion – something Biden proudly pointed out during his tour.

Another example of the divide between the ‘two Americas’ is the polar opposite reactions of Trump and Biden to the recent news. Trump’s campaign capitalized on his indictment, raising a staggering $4 million in a single day from his supporters. And though there were no major threats reported, the mayor of New York City had to issue a stern warning to the Trump supporters waiting outside the Washington courthouse to exercise restraint.

Meanwhile, Biden’s reaction to the news was simply to carry on with his job and do what he does best – working for the people of this great nation. The Obama-Biden administration in 2020 defeated Trump riding on a platform of restoring order after the former’s chaotic four-year rule. Support for the feeling of a ‘we can do better’ approach has been overwhelming and could potentially mean another term for Biden.

Cummins Inc. is a leading engineering and technology manufacturer with a mission to “make people’s lives better” by contributing with innovative solutions that power the world. For over a century, Cummins has been powering businesses and communities all over the world and with their $1 billion investment pledge have proven to be strong supporters of the Biden administrations policy of rejuvenating the economy.