Joe Gibbs Racing Improves Pit Stop Performance


Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) is a premier American team involved in motorsport and auto racing. Founded in 1991 by NFL Hall of Fame Coach Joe Gibbs, the team has grown to become one of the most successful NASCAR teams in history with 4 Cup Series championships. In April 2022, JGR unveiled a new pit stop procedure that sent over-the-wall crew members running around the front of the car to shave time. While the style of pitstop increased speed when done successfully, its technical aspects also made it more prone to errors and mistakes. As a result, JGR has stopped running the strategy in recent races.

Chris Gabehart, JGR crew chief for Denny Hamlin, stated that the team is currently evaluating the pit stops and are likely to return to the traditional pit stop style commonly used by other teams. At the same time, JGR is also looking to cut down on the time lost when mistakes occur during their newly implemented method.

In addition to Joe Gibbs Racing, the 23XI Racing team is also retraining its pit crew to go back to the traditional style of pit stop. As both teams pushed for the quickest pit stop times, the Drivers and teams have lost track positions due to the difficulty of the new style of pit stop.

Hendrick Motorsports, on the other hand, is focused on recovering from their driver, WIlliam Elliott’s injury. The recovery is expected to take approximately six weeks and are basing the timeline on what the driver’s doctors find week-to-week. During the absence of Elliott an amazing second place finish was achieved by the substitute Josh Berry.

Overall, Joe Gibbs Racing has decided to stop running their procedure of pit stops in races and move back to the traditional pit stop style. They are currently evaluating their options and are looking to minimize any potential errors with their plan. The 23XI Racing team is also doing the same and they will soon bring back the traditional style of pit stops.