Joe Tacopina’s Warning: The Night Before Trump’s Arraignment Might Bring Destruction


Former President Donald Trump is expected to face extra scrutiny at his arraignment tomorrow as his lawyer Joe Tacopina likened the night before questioned to an “eve of destruction” on Fox News. Tacopina said the entire situation was “just surreal” to him and compared the legal action to Trump’s previous comments warning of “death & destruction” if he was indicted.

The lawyer also highlighted their team’s unity – stressing they were working together as a “one team, one family with one mission”. The mission behind Trump’s arraignment is related to a hush money payment made to former adult film actress Stormy Daniels, which resulted in an indictment back in late March. Trump has appointed former federal prosecutor Todd Blanche as lead counsel for the hearing – Blanche had previously defended Paul Manafort for tax fraud and conspiracy charges.

The legal team defending the former President are adamant about maintaining their focus on the goal and not the skepticism. They have urged those in the public eye to stand united in the legal case and stress that there has been no crime committed from the former President.

Blanche is a well-experienced criminal lawyer who is no stranger to high profile cases. He has practiced law in California and Nevada as well as in Washington DC and was a federal prosecutor for the Department of Justice. He has also represented celebrities, current politicians, large corporations and non-profits, giving him a well-rounded experience of law.

It is clear that the Trump legal team are going all out to ensure a favorable outcome at the arraignment later today. Despite the pressure and unease leading up the the hearing, they remain committed to the mission at hand. As the hours draw closer, the team and those involved can only hope that the legal proceedings will be a success and be concluded without further complications.