Join AAP Now to Contribute to India’s Development – Arvind Kejriwal

Image credit: The Hindu

On Tuesday, AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal made his plea to the people of India, asking them to join the party to help make India the world’s number one country. He urged people to give a missed call at 9871010101 and join the AAP to bring about substantial changes in the nation’s future. Mr. Kejriwal also took the time to thank those who have believed and supported the party to make it the national party it is today.

The AAP leader highlighted the three core pillars of the party’s ideology: uncompromised honesty, strong patriotism, and humanity. He further emphasized that the AAP stands for positive politics, with the focus on practical improvement of society, for example, by establishing good quality schools and hospitals. Kejriwal also mentioned that the party does not practice hooliganism and proved that elections can be won through honest campaigning.

In addition, Arvind Kejriwal commented on the struggles faced by the party, citing anti-national forces as the key opponents of AAP. He specifically referred to the arrest of Manish Sisodia, party member and Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister, under false charges. He emphasized that Mr. Sisodia was arrested for the crime of ‘teaching the poor people’s children to dream’. Mr. Kejriwal further stated that it is the AAP’s mission to make India the world’s top country, and thanked all of those who sacrificed and went to jail for it.

AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) is an Indian political party founded in 2012. The party has become increasingly popular since its launch and is currently the ruling party in the state of Delhi. The main agenda of AAP has been to promote clean and transparent governance, reduce corruption, and provide accessible and affordable day-to-day services for citizens. The party leader and founder, Arvind Kejriwal, is a former Indian Revenue Service Officer and is a strong advocate for fighting corruption in the government. Under his leadership, the party has achieved much success, most notably in winning the Delhi state assembly election in 2020.