Julie Ertz Embracing USWNT Comeback and Harnessing Positive Pressure


Julie Ertz, a decorated mid-fielder for the United States Women’s National Team, was faced with a difficult balance of motherhood and her passion for soccer when she gave birth last August. The question of whether or not to return to the field was hard, with her facing many emotional moments with her family while she contemplated it. But Ertz has since returned to the USWNT this week, as well as plans to start again in the National Women’s Soccer League, in order to pursue her dream of competing in the 2023 World Cup.

Ertz has made grandiose effort to restore her body and honing her skills during the lengthy 18 months she had away from the team. With the loving support from her husband Zach and newly born son, Madden, Ertz worked out, talked to other player-moms and trained with Kealia Watt. Now that she is back with the USWNT, the pressure is on to prove she is at her peak condition and ready to fight for a contender spot in the next World Cup.

Ertz is gratified for what she’s earned in soccer, but more than that she wants to exceed even her own prior performances. Ertz is getting up to date with her national team by communicating with head coach Vlatko Andonovski and viewig video clips of tactics. Her outlook is positive as she embarks on this journey of regaining her former strength and pushing her self even further.

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Julie Ertz embodies the tenacity and competitiveness that strive within USWNT members. She is a powerful athlete who is pushing herself to the limits while being a mother and a wife. Ertz is a role model to both seasoned and aspiring female soccer players, showing that it was possible to excel in the sports industry and at home life. Her return has certainly been a boost to USWNT morale and her commitment to push her game to the next level is sure to lead the team to great success.