Karnataka Congress to Decide on Kolar Seat Before April 10: Former CM Siddaramaiah


On Sunday, Congress affirmed that it would not prolong the mystery any longer and will discharge its second rundown of competitors before the following seven days. Previous Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who was introducing in Mysuru, said that the gathering’s Central Election Panel would meet on Tuesday (April 4) and examine competitors for the staying seats, including his plausibility to contest from Kolar. Furthermore, Satish Jarkiholi, KPCC Working President, additionally revealed this in Belagavi.

The former CM further stated that around 124 applicants have already been named, and the subsequent list will be out no later than April 10th. The decision committee as of late met and chose the remainder of the finalists who will be reported during the CEC meeting occurring on April 4th. His tussle with the existing CM’s son, BY Vijayendra in Varuna (Mysuru) was also addressed by Siddaramaiah, who stated that it was the people of Varuna who would decide his fate.

Siddaramaiah also added that it would be a violation of the code of conduct when Prime Minister Modi plans to visit Bandipur on April 9th of this year to commemorate the conclusion of the 50 years of Project Tiger. Additionally, the recent reservation policy by the government was criticized as “unscientific” by Siddaramaiah, who added that to make quotas permanent, the government should have studied the issue in detail and provided it the necessary constitutional protection.

He also commented on the Cancellation of the 2B category for Muslims. According to the former CM, this was based on the recommendations of the Chinnappa Reddy Commission and by removing it, it seemed like a form of revenge politics. Lastly, he questioned why the government had not released the social and educational census report conducted by the Government.

The Congress is India’s oldest political party with a long history of serving the people and driving the country’s politics. It is known for its commitment to secularism, socialism, and liberalisation, and has been responsible for some of the most significant changes India has seen in its long history, both economically and politically. It has a large base of dedicated workers, and its multiple wings work diligently to ensure that their agenda is implemented and their views are heard.

K. Siddaramaiah, the former Chief Minister (CM) of Karnataka, was formerly a part of the Indian National Congress (INC). His political career started as an activist in the Karnataka State Congress in 1977, and since then, he has been a strong voice for the people of Karnataka. During his time, as CM, he worked tirelessly to improve the state’s infrastructure and the education system, and also pushed for the continuation of various welfare schemes. He has been seen as a leader who listens and works with the people, and is committed to their needs.