Karnataka Poll Resuts as a Guide for Upcoming Legislative Assembly Elections: Congress MP Discussion


Rajya Sabha MP L Hanumanthaiah said that the results of the upcoming Karnataka Assembly Elections will be a pointer to the prospects of political parties in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls. People in Karnataka are eagerly awaiting the polls, hoping to pull the ruling BJP out of power. Hanumanthaiah claims the government is responsible for confusion over the state’s reservation policies, due to its inefficiency and various other corruptions. The Congress Party is confident of securing a majority in the assembly elections, and has already released two lists of candidates and is set to release a third in the next few days, while the BJP is yet to publish any.

The Congress MP criticized the BJP as a political party that does not promote clean politics, but instead focuses on gaining majority through backdoor. Furthermore, he accused them of using the IT and ED agencies to target the opposition and weaken them. He believes the people should not be giving this government an opportunity for horse trading through the polls.

The MP mentioned Congress President DK Shivakumar and former chief minister Siddaramaiah, who have been talking to rebel candidates in an effort to resolve the issues within the party. Controversy over selection of candidates in the Sullia constituency has been considered with winnability and social justice in mind.

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