Khelaghor’s Remake in Kannada with Syed Arefin and Swikriti Majumdar as the Lead Cast


The popular Bengali show “Khelaghor” showcased the story of Purna, a highly educated young woman and a local goon Santu. Starring Syed Arefin and debutante Swikriti Majumdar, the show enjoyed immense success and popularity. In a trend that isn’t uncommon, “Khelaghor” has been remade into a Kannada TV show called “Neenadhena,” which stars Kushi Shivu and Dileep Shetty.

The story of “Neenadhena” follows that of its Bengali counterpart, depicting Santu as an angry college-drop out married to the educated Purna, albeit forcefully. As they get to know each other, Purna helps Santu become a better person who his father always wished him to be. The first promo of the show mirrors that of its predecessor, showing the male protagonist entering a temple and getting into an altercation with a couple.

The cast and crew of “Khelaghor” did an excellent job creating an entertaining and successful storyline. “Khelaghor” was produced by Snehasish Chakraborty, while the Kannada remake is yet to come out. It will be interesting to see how well the Kannada version fares in terms of viewership, and compare it to the success of the Bengali version.

The persons mentioned in this article are Syed Arefin and Swikriti Majumdar, the stars of “Khelaghor.” Syed Arefin is an Indian actor who has worked in both Bengali and Assamese film industry, and his performance in “Khelaghor” was praised by critics and general audience alike. Swikriti Majumdar, on the other hand, made her TV debut through the show.

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