Kranthi Kumar – Tollywood’s Leading Art Director Now Successfully Pursuing Multiple Projects


Kranthi Kumar, born in a remote village in Anantapur District, has made his way to the limelight in Tollywood film industry as a successful Art Director. Having completed three diplomas and a PG (Theatre) from Telugu University, his hard work and sheer dedication have led him to bag the Nandi award for Best Set Designer in 2014-15.

Kranthi Kumar’s passion for films began at a tender age, inspired by listening to various film scores on the radio and reading historical fiction books. Keen to pursue his ambition of becoming a film director, his introverted nature initially prevented him from entering the industry; however, once his talent was spotted, there was no stopping him! His first commercially acclaimed work, agent Sai Srinivasa Atreya, earned him a great reputation in the industry. Not to mention, his set designs specifically the dump yard for the interval scene in the movie Masooda, were especially appreciated.

At present, Kranthi Kumar is overflowing with new opportunities, with his latest project being SRT 07 – Vishwaka Sen 10th and a movie based in Kurnool. With such a penchant for perfection and commitment to his craft, Kranthi Kumar is all set to enthrall all Tollywood fans with his work and continue evolving in the film industry.

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