Lauren Hemp: England Women’s Team Discarding White Shorts is a Significant Milestone


Lauren Hemp, an English footballer, is celebrating the implementation of a huge change for the England women’s team – no more white shorts! This was a decision based on the players’ concern about being on their period while wearing white shorts, and Hemp has described it as a “massive step in the right direction.” Now, the team’s new Nike home kit with blue shorts are set to be unveiled at their upcoming matches.

While this change was originally discussed by the players a few years ago, it was Manchester City’s women’s team who first implemented the decision to change from wearing white shorts to burgundy in order to make the players feel more comfortable. This decision resonated with other teams, including the England team, leading people such as Hemp to express their appreciation for being heard and feeling more confident when playing. West Ham defender Lucy Parker also shared her sentiments on the change, believing it will reduce the mental stress of players.

Nike, a major international sports apparel manufacturer, has gone a step further in its FIFA Women’s World Cup 2021 kit by introducing a liner in the shorts meant to help protect against any period leakage. This was a response to player feedback and Jordana Katcher, vice president of Nike women’s global sport apparel, stated how they were delighted to present this innovation to athletes.

This initiative shows Nike’s dedication to the development of their products with athletes in mind, making sure comfort and confidence are their priority during the World Cup and beyond. Furthermore, it also emphasizes gameplay style and a more connected team environment where there’s no need to worry about small details such as period leakage. Therefore, this has certainly been a “massive step in the right direction” from the England Women’s team and Nike.