Law Minister Kiren Rijuju Accuses Rahul Gandhi of Negative Politicking in Jammu and Kashmir

Image credit: The Times of India

At the University of Jammu, Union Minister for Law and Justice Kiren Rijiju recently sounded off on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. He remarked that it is not preferable to take Rahul Gandhi’s name during important events as he is only known to do “negative politics”. The Minister was speaking at the inauguration of the 1st edition of the Constitution of India in the Dogri language.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s team members are engaged in “positive work”, according to Minister Rijiju. He further argued that Government of India (GoI) had been instrumental in development works throughout the region. He specifically highlighted the provision of essential services to needy families in Udhampur and other areas near the border.

Given the various contributions made by Union of India, the Minister argued that it was only fitting not to give any attention to Rahul Gandhi. Particularly during a noteworthy event such as the launch of the first Constitution of India in Dogri successfully.

The GoI has undertaken several initiatives towards providing essential services and development to the citizens of India and it is significantly aiding the overall progress of the nation. Notable work and progress has been made in Jammu and Kashmir in the effort to improve living standards in the region. The opening of the Dogri edition of Constitution of India is yet another major achievement in the advancement of this region.

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju’s comment on Rahul Gandhi critical of Congress leader’s alleged involvement in negative politics comes only as a reminder of what the government stands firm on and won’t condone. In addition to Rijiju, other Union Ministers have also openly taken issue with some of the questionable activities of Congress in different states throughout the country.