London Becomes First Major UK Airport to Remove 100ml Liquid Restrictions


London City is the first major airport in the UK to make a revolutionary change in airport security rules with its new CT scanners. The new machines generate more detailed images of what is inside hand luggage, meaning passengers no longer have to remove laptops and liquids from their bags, and the liquid limit has been raised to two litres. This is in preparation for the increasing number of Easter getaways.

Located in the Royal Docks of London, this airport has invested in new technology to lessen the amount of stress travelers face when going through security. Passengers no longer have to restrict their toiletries and liquids to 100ml bottles in clear plastic bags or take out laptops or tablets. The Government has mandated the use of the technology in all major UK airports by June 2024.

Heathrow and Gatwick airports have started to invest in similar systems, but London City is the first major airport to speed up the process. The airport is also setting the standard for heightened security and a smoother experience than prior to.

Alison FitzGerald, London City’s chief operating officer, said: ‘We have always prided ourselves on embracing innovation and being early adopters of new technology. The new process delivers a much more efficient security operation with enhanced security screening. We are really confident that this investment will make the experience of travelling through London City even better…’

Aviation Minister Baroness Vere complimented London City’s effort, “This will reduce queueing times, improve the passenger experience, and most importantly detect potential threats. Passengers travelling from other airports should continue to always check the necessary guidance on security procedures at those airports before travelling.”

Baroness Vere has been a strong advocate for increasing safety in airports and introduced the 2-litre limit for passenger convenience. She is a major supporter for the new CT scanners and acknowledges the importance of airports investing in new technology for the benefit of their customers.

The reason for the change in the liquids rule was due to a foiled terror plot back in 2006 in order to keep passengers safe as they travel. This was enforced in all airports and was one of the main causes of delays at security. London City is setting a great example by implementing the necessary changes in order to better the flying experience.