Making $40K/Month with 2 Hours of Work: 33-Year-Old Offers Her Secrets to Working Less and Earning More


Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is a 33-year-old who quit her job in 2013 to pursue blogging full-time. Through her hard-work and determination, she managed to pay off all her $40,000 student loan debt and worked towards making her blog-based business as passive as possible. Her blog, Making Sense of Cents, now brings in around $40,000 a month in passive income and she gets to do what she loves – travel the world with her husband and daughter while only working two hours a day.

Unlike most 9-to-5 jobs, Michelle’s passive income model allowed her to manage her time better, giving her more freedom and flexibility. In order to help others make passive incomes efficiently and effectively, Michelle has some key advice. Firstly, an article should be SEO-based and in a natural, human-sounding tone. Secondly, she recommends rephrasing the article in one’s own words while maintaining the original ideas. Thirdly, pay attention to maintain the original lengths and structure of the article. Finally, utilize the article’s ability to rank in Google searches and make sure the article remains unique and provides value to users.

By following her advice, those who are looking to build a passive income and reduce their workload can surely benefit from her advice and experience.