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Masters: Rebels Refuse to Wear LIV Golf Logo Out of Respect

Masters: Rebels Refuse to Wear LIV Golf Logo Out of Respect

This week’s Masters tournament will be a test of respect among professionals. According to a Telegraph Sport exclusive, golfers who are a part of the Saudi-funded circuit, the League of International Golf (LIV) have decided to not wear any branding of the circuit during the Masters. The players met and agreed to do this out of respect for the tournament. Despite this, the players will still be wearing their team uniforms. It is unclear if the decision to not display the brand was requested by Augusta National.

The decision to not display the logo is a departure from the 2020 BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth. At the tournament, the Tour’s Chief Executive, Keith Pelley asked the LIV players to not wear the insignia. While the majority agreed, some, including Ian Poulter, opted to still wear LIV elements.

Last week, at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, the group of 18 players did their best to put to bed any issues amongst those affiliated with the PGA Tour and the LIV’s players. This attempt at harmony was evident in the comments made by player Brooks Koepka, a four-time major winner. He spoke with Rory McIlroy, a vocal detractor of the circuit, and expressed just how excited he was to be able to face him.

The LIV circuit is funded by Saudi Arabia and seeks to provide international golfers with a platform for success. It aims to help golfers whose countries don’t provide access to, or do not have the resources for, competitive golf. The group, led by Greg Norman, is looking to prevent the traditional and recent hegemony of golf by elite, western golfers.

The article about the LIV golfers and their respect for the Masters tournament and their decision not to display their logo, reflects the professionalism these players are striving for. With four-time major winner Brooks Koepka in their ranks, they are looking to make it to the top and shatter the hegemony that has been prevalent in golf for so long. Time will tell if they will rise to the challenge.