Maximizing Gains and Shielding Portfolio from Choppy Waters this Year – Tips from a Financial Advisor at a $57 Billion Wealth Manager

Image credit: Business Insider

Investing in stocks has been and continues to be a lucrative way for savvy investors to maximize their gains and protect their assets from choppy market waters. So, to better advise her clients on where to place their money, financial manager Nicole Webb at the Wealth Enhancement Group recently shared six stocks to buy that would both provide value and growth benefits in order to hedge against volatilty while still having the potential to earn reliable returns. Her company has $57 billion in assets under management.

Webb believes that while stocks are likely to remain choppy over the next few months, the U.S. economy is strong and that the Federal Reserve is likely to continue to raise interest rates as needed to cope with any inflationary concerns. Meanwhile, businesses could benefit from downward revisions in company profits over the course of the year due to the banking crisis, ultimately leading the Fed to switch from restrictive monetary policy in the late part of the year.

As far as individual stocks, Webb suggested looking towards defensive, value and high-quality stocks, as well as attaining something of a “barbell strategy” between value and growth stocks to take advantage of both scenarios. On the former, Webb suggested Amazon (AMZN), American Express (AXP), and Starbucks (SBUX), as examples of companies that have strong balance sheets, free cash flow, momentum, and are executing on viable business plans. And, for the more growth-oriented portion of her portfolio, she recommended Netflix (NFLX) and Nike (NKE). Both of these companies have taken positive steps over the past year, such as Netflix’s expanding into the gaming industry or Nike’s increasing marketing to younger customers.

Webb has been an extremely successful financial manager at Wealth Enhancement Group, with over $57 billion under her management. A graduate of Indiana University and the University of Miami School of Law, she has been not only the chair for the firm’s Advisory Council, but a member of the Investment Committee and FinTech Council. Her years of experience have made Webb an invaluable asset to many of her clients. With her advice, investors can rest assured that they have the best stocks to buy to ensure long-term success.