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Minister Accuses Opposition of Spreading Misinformation about China

Minister Accuses Opposition of Spreading Misinformation about China

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar recently addressed the constant attacks of the opposition over the Chinese border issue in Belagavi, seeking to understand the motive behind their jabs. He asserted that the opposition had made false claims that Chinese forces built a bridge on Pangong Lake in 2020, which lies in Ladakh. He clarified that the area was under China’s control since 1962, thereby asserting the opposition’s negligence in correctly presenting facts in this regard. Jaishankar made it known that the government does not disclose the locations of their forces to maintain national security and countermeasures against aggression.

Jacobson also commented on the issue of Khalistan separatist movements and criticized other countries for taking advantage of them. He stated that the government is committed to countering such entities and reassured citizens of their free speech rights, underlining the need for national debates. Jacobson indirectly targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for raising significant issues abroad and implied how this could create a detrimental effect on India’s state of sovereignty and security.

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S Jaishankar is the current External Affairs Minister of India. He is a renowned diplomat who took office in 2019. Previously, he held the post of India’s ambassador to the United States and was also the Indian High Commissioner to Singapore. He is also an alumnus of the prestigious Delhi University. He is known for his expertise in public policy, his view on economic matters, strategic alliances and his ability to drive bilateral diplomatic engagements across the world.