More Badminton Coaching Academies Needed in India – Mangaluru – Chirag’s Perspective

Image credit: The Times of India

India’s badminton star, Chirag Chandrashekhar Shetty, expressed the need for more badminton coaching academies in Mangaluru to help identify and nurture upcoming talent in the sport. Shetty, a proud ambassador of the Mangaluru Triathlon, was the driving force behind India’s monumental victory in the Thomas Cup in 2021. Speaking to reporters, Shetty highlighted the potential young athletes have in India and the absence of badminton training centres. Although there are renowned academies in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, it is important to have more in and around Mangaluru as the sport is gaining more popularity with the youth.

The Indian mindset of focusing heavily on academics over sports was also touched upon by Shetty. There is an obvious emphasis on education in India, however, the winning of any international medal automatically shifts this priority towards sports, he added. On the topic of commercial endorsements, Shetty reminded that a sportsperson needs to consider their priorities and stay committed to training and performance, else it is likely to hamper their results. With the Thomas Cup win under their belt and increased pressure from expectations, Shetty believes in time India should also divert attention from cricket to other sports.

Mangaluru Triathlon, a Gold Label event in India, is committed to promoting fitness and sports in the area. Since one of India’s top badminton players hails from Mangaluru, Chirag Chandrashekhar Shetty was selected as the official brand ambassador of the event. Hoping his thoughts and experiences become a source of inspiration to people in the region, Shetty has taken an active role in emphasizing the importance of sports and fitness.

All in all, it is pivotal for the growth and progress of badminton in India to have access to more training centers and academies. With the support of countries’ sports culture, more attention to other sports and easily available resources and training, India definitely has the potential to grow and dominate in the badminton field.