Motivation of Scheffler at Masters: Fun, Not Legacy


World number one Scottie Scheffler is going for his second consecutive Masters title and his motivation is quite different from other top players. Rather than strive for a legacy, Scottie is enthusiastic about enjoying the experience and having fun on the golf course instead.

The 26 year old American has achieved great success since last winning at Augusta National, with wins in the PGA tour and the prestigious Players Championship to his name. Such achievement has resulted in his being universally praised as one of the best golfers in the world, including words of admiration from Tiger Woods. But Scottie himself is not fazed by the talk, viewing it as a nice extra rather than a motivating factor.

Away from the green, his home life remains unchanged. Even after winning the tournament last year and rising to the top of the world rankings, Scottie is still driving his 2012 car and indulging in the same tequila to celebrate wins. This shows the mentality of a talent that is equally interested in having the most out of life.

It is no wonder that he is the favorite for the upcoming Masters, which will be covered across the BBC Sports website with live text commentary and radio broadcasts.

As one of the leading golfers in the world, Scottie Scheffler has been a proud ambassador for the game since his early days on the tour. He continues to strive for excellence and has helped promote the game with his positive attitude and inspiring work ethic.

In addition to Scottie’s accomplishments and status, Augusta National Golf Club also comes with a great legacy. The venue for the Masters is one of the most iconic golf courses in the world. It has hosted the Masters Tournament since 1934 and features some of the most beloved holes in the game. From hole 12’s iconic-reek to hole 18’s daunting finish line, the course has provided some unforgettable moments in golf history.

Even in 2021, it still feels as though Augusta National is full of mystery and history, calling any golfer with the ambition to overcome the many challenges to lay their mark and create a legacy. Whether Scottie succeeds in defending his title and creating a legacy, or whether his focus on “having fun” is enough for him to end the day as champion, is still to be seen.