NCERT Modifies Syllabus – Chapters on Mughal Empire Removed From Class 12 History Book


The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has recently revised the syllabus and textbooks for various academic classes, which includes the removal of chapters on the Mughal Empire from the Class 12th History book. All the schools that stick to the NCERT syllabus across the country have to adhere to this change, starting from the academic session 2023-2024.

The topics from Themes of Indian History-Part 2, such as ‘Kings and Chronicles; the Mughal Courts (C. 16th and 17th centuries)’ have been removed, alongside some poems and paragraphs from the Hindi textbooks. Aside from these, changes have been brought to the Class 12 Civics book as well, dropping two chapters named ‘American Hegemony in World Politics’ and ‘The Cold War Era’. Similarly, two chapters – ‘Rise of Popular Movements’ and ‘Era of One Party Dominance’ – were removed from the textbook Indian Politics after Independence. NCERT also made changes in the Class 10 and Class 11 textbooks, in which chapters such as ‘Democracy and Diversity,’ ‘Popular Struggles and Movements,’ and ‘Challenges of Democracy’ have been removed from the Class 10 ‘Democratic Politics-2’ book, with titles such as ‘Central Islamic Lands,’ ‘Clash of Cultures,’ and ‘Industrial Revolution’ removed from the Class 11 book ‘Themes in World History’.

NCERT is a significant educational board which takes into consideration the educational syllabus from primary to postgraduate levels. It is an autonomous body under the Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). NCERT assists and advises their affiliates such as SCERTs and education department to enhance the quality of school education in India. It also contributes to the development, printing, and distribution of textbooks and other educational materials. The MHRD provides massive support to the NCERT to back up their initiatives.

The current chairperson of NCERT, Hrushikesh Senapaty, maintains the vision to bring in fruitful changes that will help students to enhance their knowledge and be more well-informed. As per the recent changes, his motto of providing valuable education is being met. The changes that were brought in not only affects students and school but also the progression of education in general.