New Employees Achieving Goals with Training: Report


Employees are indispensable assets and ensuring their successful onboarding, training, and growth can have a great impact on any organization’s success. However, it can be time consuming and resource intensive for employers to train them effectively, and the time taken for employees to learn the tasks can range from days to months, depending on their competency levels and the complexity of the role. A newly released report, “Return on Corporate Learning Investments” by TeamLease Edtech, suggests that good learning programmes can lead to new employees being able to accomplish goals in one-fifth of the time taken otherwise.

TeamLease Edtech is a leading education technology firm that provides solutions for corporate training and employee engagement. Their research report indicates that 70 per cent of respondents affirm that effective L&D programs can help increase employee productivity and performance by 20-30 per cent. In addition to this, 14 out of 25 respondents also stand by the fact that these programmes can help in reducing employee attrition by 10 to 30 per cent.

The founder and CEO of TeamLease Edtech, Shantanu Rooj, believes that crafting a good learning program with clear goals is essential. He said, “In a highly dynamic business environment, corporate L&D programs have evolved as a critical strategic initiative rather than an employee engagement activity. Investments in corporate learning, if done effectively, can substantially impact any organisation’s sales, revenue, and even customer retention. But the key lies in understanding the employee’s needs and crafting a program with clearly defined objectives.”

Companies are realising the potential of corporate L&D programs in achieving their short and long term goals, and many are investing heavily in training programmes to retain, engage and motivate their employees. Research from the “Return of Corporate Learning Investments” report gives insights into the need and effectiveness of such programmes, and shows that with the right approach, employers can help employees get up to speed faster and increase organisational performance and efficiencies.