NFL Draft in the 2000s: Players Selected With the Tenth Overall Pick


For NFL fans, the first round of the draft is often the most eagerly anticipated. Every year, the 10th overall pick is expected to be an impact player that can make an immediate impact for their team. When we look back, the 10th picks since 2000 have provided numerous highlights, as a diverse group of players including Heisman Trophy winners, Pro Bowlers, and Super Bowl champions have come from this coveted selection.

The most successful No. 10 pick from the last two decades is undoubtedly Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is the youngest starting QB to win two Super Bowls, plus two MVP awards and five AFC Championship Games, among many other accolades. Other notable names to be selected with the 10th overall pick include Ohio State’s Mike Williams in 2005, and Detroit Lions’ Eric Ebron and Baltimore Ravens’ Terrell Suggs in 2014 and 2003, respectively.

The Eagles have been one of the most consistent contenders in the NFL, and with two first-round picks in this month’s draft, Howie Roseman will have another opportunity to add to an already Super Bowl-caliber roster. It will be interesting to see what kind of player they choose to select with the tenth overall pick.

The company mentioned in this article is the NFL. One of the most iconic organizations in sports, the NFL has been around since 1920 and consists of 32 teams that compete in the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC). The NFL has become a worldwide phenomenon with its historic championship games, Pro Bowl games and the Super Bowl, and its recent expansion into global markets with initiatives related to football. The NFL also regularly holds its annual drafts, giving teams the chance to build their rosters with new talent.

The person mentioned in this article is Howie Roseman. Howie Roseman is the current executive vice president and the general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles, who he has been with for two separate stints. Roseman began his career with the Eagles as a salary cap manager in 2000, and eventually took over as GM in 2010. He and the Eagles have had immense success as a team, as they have won seven division championships, three NFC championships and have won the Super Bowl in 2018. Roseman has been widely praised by Eagles fans and the NFL community as a whole.