No More Rummaging: London City Airport Abolishes 100ml Liquid Rule


Travellers going through security at London City Airport can now breeze through the safety check and stop worrying about rummaging through their bag for forgotten items. This is all thanks to new advanced scanners that have been installed which have done away with the 100ml liquid limit rule. Now, passengers have the freedom to have up to two litres of liquids, products like toiletries without separating them into individual bags and the ability to leave laptops and other electronics in the hand luggage.

This incredible change at London City Airport has been made possible after the success of implementing the same technology at smaller airport, Teesside in the North East of England earlier this year. As a result of this update, London City Airport has become one of the busiest hubs taking a lead with this high-tech scanner.

Commenting on this journey-enhancing feature, London City Airport’s Chief Operating Officer, Alison FitzGerald said: “The new process delivers a much more efficient security operation with enhanced security screening.” This news has been well received by the millions of passengers travelling through airport as they no longer have to spend time taking out cumbersome items from their bags.

The 100 ml liquid limit rule was initially introduced in 2006 at all airports in Britain following the foiling of a terror plot involving liquid explosives at Heathrow. To date, this new high-tech scanner has been installed at a few airports in the US and Holland’s Schipol hub. Britain is hoping to roll this technology at all of its airports by June 2024.

The company mentioned in this article is London City Airport, one of the capital’s major hubs. It offers flights to numerous European destinations, making it a popular option amongst travelers. With the new change, London City Airport is looking to provide improved convenience to its customers, by reducing the amount of time spent on security checks and making the process stress-free.

The person mentioned in the article is Alison FitzGerald, the Chief Operating Officer at London City Airport. FitzGerald is a highly experienced aviation professional and has a long track record of successful projects. One of her most noted project was the introduction of the new advanced scanner technology by London City Airport, aiming to make the security process smoother for travelers.