NTPC School of Business Collaborates with Mayaaverse Creations from P2E


NTPC School of Business (NSB) has recently announced a partnership with Maayaverse Creations Private Limited (Maayaverse Creations) to offer a revolutionized education experience with immersive, interactive, and personalized learning. This collaboration is expected to provide personalized learning opportunities to its enrolled students.

Maayaverse Creations has developed the Mayaaverse platform that uses virtual reality, simulations and scenario-based studying to foster the learning behaviour among students. It will allow NSB to keep up with the technological advancements in the field of education. Moreover, the Mayaaverse platform will include content-rich experiences in mathematics, biology, history, and project-based learning, such as 3D printing, textiles and more.

About Maayaverse Creations: Maayaverse Creations is a leading virtual reality and augmented reality company developed to provide innovative learning opportunities in the field of education. They have expertise in web 3, metaverse and creating simulation-based learning experiences for the students to foster their knowledge and gain practical skills for the real-world.

About Shradha Puri, the MD and Founder of Maayaverse Creations: Shradha Puri is the Founder and MD of Maayaverse Creations — an innovative ed-tech firm providing revolutionized educational experiences with immersive and personalized learning for students. She is a technology entrepreneur who has always been motivated to develop powerful learning experiences with the help of technology, simulations and virtual reality. With her leadership, Maayaverse Creations has gained immense success, allowing them to now partner with NTPC School of Business. Through this partnership, she hopes to give students an enriched learning experience that prioritizes their current needs.