ONDC Platform Sees Most Transactions due to Mobility: CEO Thampy Koshy


Mobility drives highest number of transactions on ONDC platform, thereby leading the charge in government-backed open networks of digital commerce. CEO Thampy Koshy informed that the network has facilitated 22,000 transactions so far till March 31, with retail accounting for 16,220 transactions and mobility (minus Namma Yatri) responsible for 5,795. This was achieved through the Kerala Open Mobility Network (KOMN) with 2,550 vehicles in total, and Namma Yatri — an auto rickshaw booking app active in Bengaluru — leading the charge with 20,000 rides per day.

However, none of the five buyer apps on ONDC — Paytm, Mystore, Craftsvilla, Spice Money and Meesho — currently offer mobility as a category, although Thampy Koshy said this is likely to change in the near future. This suggests a potential bottleneck as customers have to turn to Namma Yatri as opposed to ordering on each individual app within the network.

When it comes to dispute resolution, ONDC has invited the public to comment on a paper on its website, while Koshy and Shireesh Joshi, Chief Business Officer at ONDC, stated that complaints have thus far been basic in nature, requiring resolution levels at the network participant level only. The five platforms in use will be Sama, CADRE, Webnyay, Presolv360 and Wevaad.

The Open Network of Digital Commerce (ONDC) is an industry-led alliance that works to meet the requirements of India’s digital infrastructure and has achieved major milestones in its 3 years of operation. Thampy Koshy, the CEO of the alliance is a veteran in the field of banking, retail and mobility and has captained ONDC to success with innovative ideas and unique strategies. Shireesh Joshi, the Chief Business Officer of ONDC, has worked closely with the alliance, overseeing various operations. Together, the two have lead ONDC to immense heights.