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ONDC Transactions Heavily Influenced by Mobility: CEO

ONDC Transactions Heavily Influenced by Mobility: CEO

Open Network of Digital Commerce (ONDC), the government-backed platform is leading the way in the online transaction space with its ever-increasing number of transactions. According to CEO Thampy Koshy, Mobility accounts for the highest number of transactions on ONDC. The network has so far facilitated roughly 22,000 transactions as of March 31, out of which 5,795 transactions were in the Mobility category, excluding the Namma Yatri auto-rickshaw booking app which is exclusively operational in Bengaluru.

Namma Yatri alone is facilitating a whopping 20,000 rides per day since its integration with ONDC on the 23rd of March. It has 25,394 sellers and 24,51,796 stock-keeping-units (SKU) and 2,550 vehicles on its Kerala Open Mobility Network (KOMN).

Presently, none of the five buyer apps on ONDC – Paytm, Mystore, Craftsvilla, Spice Money and Meesho – offer mobility as a category, but Koshy is confident that Mobility will soon be available on the buyer apps as well.

ONDC is fully investing in customer satisfaction and disputes, and so has framed an online dispute resolution (ODR) which will be handled by the five platforms- Sama, CADRE, webnyay, Presolv360 and Wevaad, which are approved and employed by the non-profit industry alliance, Sahamati. As of now, simple inquiries and queries about order statuses are handled within ONDC itself and not made to reach any ODR platform.

SellerApp Co-founder Dilip Vamanan confirmed the same saying, “Grievance redressal is happening at the network participant level now. We have not sought legal intervention yet”.

Overall, the future looks bright for ONDC with its emphasis on customer satisfaction and the ever-increasing Mobility transactions. With its high Security, efficiency and focus on customer-friendly ODR, ONDC is sure to revolutionize the online transaction space and become the go-to platform for digital commerce.