Open To Work Reality Check, Pitching Without the Deck, and ARR Growth Lessons


To understand the meaning and critical advice provided in TechCrunch+ roundup: #OpenToWork reality check, deck-free pitching, ARR growth lessons, it is important to pay attention to three critical parts. The first part is about the importance of knowing your Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and what it takes for a subscription-based business to be successful in reaching $1 million in ARR. Jonathan Martinez from Sales Kiwi provided his five takeaways to help startups understand the process and unlock successful acquisition. The second part touches on the challenge of acquiring a good deal flow for new VCs. Drawing from SemperVirens General Partner Allison Baum Gates’ new book, the article provides a comprehensive list of prospects and crucial relationship building advice from experienced VCs. The third part dives into #OpenToWork, which is widely used by software engineers looking to change jobs. ran tests to see if adding this hashtag to a LinkedIN profile actually decreases a job applicant’s pass rate. Lastly, TechCrunch+ contributors also discuss large language models, offering insights into smaller large language models (sLLMs) and the startups benefiting from their emergence. Tom Hacohen, founding CEO of Svix, talked to Haje Jan Kamps about his experience in fundraising without preparing a traditional pitch deck.

The company mentioned in this article is Sales Kiwi, which is a sales operations platform that helps startups grow their businesses effectively by providing insights into their sales and customer relationships. It is founded by Jonathan Martinez and combines all customer data into a single place. The company also offers a wide range of services, including customer engagement strategies, customer segmentation, customer analytics, and customer retention strategies.

The person mentioned in this article is Jonathan Martinez, the co-founder and contributor of Sales Kiwi and TC+. He is an experienced sales operations professional with over 15 years of experience in b2b and b2c sales. He has also worked with various other companies in various capacities and has helped them unlock their growth with effective stack configurations and product-market fit analysis. He has a passion for helping startups and small businesses successfully achieve their growth potential.