Pentagon Should Not Engage in Cultural Conflict


The Biden administration has been attempting to include politics into the military for the past two years, and in February, the effort reached an unprecedented low level when the taxpayer funds were used to pay for travel and time off for service members, wives and other dependents to get elective abortions. This approach flies in the face of a 40-year long bipartisan consensus that the taxpayer should not pay for abortions except when it involves rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is being threatened. Rules have been broken by the administration by way of a memo issued by them.

The Pentagon should not become a battleground for culture wars: it is primarily a military institution and should remain focused on military topics. Attempting to inject partisan politics into the military goes against the wishes of the majority of Americans and could be an damaging to morale within the ranks. It is important to maintain a separation between politics and the military in order to ensure that the military is executing its duties in a neutral and non-partisan way.

The mentioned company in this article is the Biden administration. It is one of the most influential Democratic administrations in US history and it is being led by President Joe Biden. Since coming into office in 2017, the Biden administration has striven to implement changes to make life better for the people of the United States, including healthcare reforms and an ambitious infrastructure plan.

The person mentioned in the article is President Joe Biden, the forty-sixth President of the United States. As one of the most important progressive American politicians in the 21st century, he is respected for his dedication to progressive values and his long history in the Senate. As President, he has taken the initiative on climate change and social justice initiatives, while also proposing sweeping legislation such as his infrastructure plan and healthcare reforms. As this article mentions, he recently issued a memo that went against the long-held bipartisan lies on taxpayers footing the bill for abortions, and this has caused much controversy.