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Pitching to Venture Capitalists at Technical Conference Early Stage

Pitching to Venture Capitalists at Technical Conference Early Stage

TechCrunch has announced the upcoming Early Stage event in Boston, offering founders the opportunity to acquire the necessary tools to build their startups and pitch to potential venture capitalists. The event will include a Pitch Deck Teardown in which six to seven founders can take part. With the help of a prestigious panel of judges, the participants will receive feedback on their pitch structure, content, solution and presentation. Three founders chosen for the teardown will be able to give two-minute elevator pitches, while the remaining three will present four-minute pitch decks.

Moreover, all participants of the Pitch Deck Teardown will automatically qualify for the Startup Battlefield competition at TechCrunch’s Disrupt event in San Francisco this September. It will be hosted by an all-star group of investors and professionals, including Ginny Miller from 1Sharpe Ventures, Heather Widman from Building Ventures and Neesha A Tambe from TechCrunch.

Ginny Miller is an expert Venture investor and platform strategist working with 1Sharpe Ventures. Before joining the company, she led the Ventures team at Jamestown, a $12 billion private equity firm, and worked on real estate technology for Apple, Fifth Wall Ventures and Harvard University. She earned her MBA from Harvard Business School and studied Engineering at Dartmouth.

Heather Widman is a Partner of Building Ventures, spearheading its investments within the real estate and real estate tech communities. She has 15+ years of operating experience and focuses on going to market and product strategies with her clients. Widman is active in the ecosystem, engaging with organizations including CREtech, MITdesignX and AllRaise.

As the Editor of Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch, Neesha A Tambe recruits, sources, vets and trains startup founders from around the world for the competition. An experienced go-to-market expert, Tambe has run startup programs in locations including San Francisco, Berlin, the Middle East and the Latin Americas. She graduated from Georgetown University and De Anza College in International Security and Sustainability, and she is a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum.

This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to take their dreams to the next level and get real-time feedback from VCs. Founders eager for the hands-on experience and advice can purchase passes for Early Stage and join TechCrunch in Boston. Don’t miss out on the chance to kickstart your venture and make the most out of this unique event.