PM Modi Remarks on BJP’s Existential Crisis, Conspiracy Theories on Foundation Day


On the occasion of the 44th foundation day of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed party workers, calling for the collective fight against corruption, nepotism and crime. Citing Lord Hanuman as an example of selfless service to the nation, he said this is the inspiration for BJP cadres. Holding the opposition parties accountable, Modi communicated the inclusive political culture that BJP stands for and highlighted the difference between it and the Congress, whose identity lies with dynasty, nepotism, and corruption. In a nationwide broadcast, he also instructed all BJP Workers to organise seminars and discussions on the history of the party and achievements of the Central Government.

The BJP was formed in 1980 when leaders of the former Jana Sangh parted ways with Janata Party to initiate a new political ideology. Led by Prime Minister Modi, BJP has been making great accomplishments lately, one such being the free ration to 80 crore people regardless of their economic, social and religious backgrounds. To further mark the celebration, the party will dedicate the following week to honour the birthday of BR Ambedkar, one of the most iconic freedom fighters, social reformers and architects of Indian Constitution.

The BJP, whose symbol is the Lotus flower, is India’s largest political party with a strong presence in almost every state. It is committed to the social, political and economic upliftment of all citizens, irrespective of their religion or class. Under the able leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the BJP has made huge progress in the past six years. The party remains focused on upholding the values of the nation, and furthering progress that will benefit all.