Ranbir Kapoor: Always Committed To Rehearse With Co-Stars – Charu Shankar Interview Exclusive


Charu Shankar is an emerging talent in the Indian entertainment industry, who has already impressed with her work in popular projects such as ‘The Empire’, ‘A Suitable Boy’, and ‘Hindi Medium’, among others. Now, with her latest portrayal of the iconic Indira Gandhi on the show ‘Rocket Boys 2’, the actress is winning hearts. In a recent interview, Charu spoke about the show, bonding with her co-stars, her upcoming projects, and more.

Charu received a lot of positive reactions for her work on Rocket Boys 2 and expressed her immense gratitude. As an actor, it was one of the most challenging roles she ever played. But due to the supportive cast and their bonding, it was a joyous experience. Jim Sarbh and Ishwak – her co-stars on the show – are incredibly warm and friendly people. Charu bonded with other characters on the show, like the late Rajit Kapoor who played Nehru, Vivek Tandon as Haksar, KS Sridhar as Kamraj, and Harssh Singh who played Morarji Desai. The actor was pleasantly surprised since all of them had discourse revolving around history, stories, and other details.

In the initial days ofCharur career in the entertainment industry, the actress found it difficult to find her footing, given the fact that her family living in Delhi had no connection with the industry. She however, survived with little luck and hard work. One of her career-defining projects was ‘Siyaasat’, wherein she got the opportunity to learn the nuances of camera acting in significant ways. The experience also made her realise how every little aspect has an impact while shooting.

Charu was also fortunate enough to be associated with a project that starred the legendary Irrfan Khan – ‘Hindi Medium’. She much admiration for Khan and observed his impeccable craftsmanship closely. His incredible delivery and the intensity with which he emoted a two page- long speech was very moving and she admires it even today.

Another project featuring Charu is ‘Animal’ where she will be seen alongside Ranbir Kapoor, who is always willing to rehearse and explore scenes with his co-actors. Apart from this, Charu is set to feature in ‘Sanjay Tripathy’s directed film with Pankaj Kapur titled ‘Three Generations’ which is currently in post-production. Apart from this, she is looking forward to the release of her film ‘Animal’ later this year. In addition, she is also working on writing some short fictional stories for children.

In conclusion, Charu Shankar’s journey in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of remarkable. From humble beginnings to starring alongside top names in the industry, Charu has certainly made her mark and is one to watch out for.