Reactions in D.C. to Trump Arrest: A Distraction from the Bigger Picture


Reacting to the recent news of Donald Trump’s arrest, people in D.C. have expressed their opinions about it in a variety of ways. From exuberant cheers to angry disdain, many people believe it is long-awaited justice for Trump to face the consequences of his actions.

Will Higgins, 49, an engineer in the Navy Yard, was ecstatic and expressed his relief saying “I moved here right when he became president, and this has been a long time coming.” Meanwhile, Edward Johnson, 59, believes Trump should face jail time depending on the outcome of the case, saying “If half the people here in D.C. did what he did, they’d be in jail.”

Yet, not everyone shared the same opinion as Johnson. Vince Gray, 32, a cook in D.C., was adamant that justice should be served and Trump should be “charged to the fullest extent just like everybody else.” Other Trump supporters such as Marc Walker from Baltimore, who saw the charge as a “stunt,” and a distraction from the real issues Americans need to focus on.

To observe the occasion, a few D.C. bars such as Fight Club and Union Pub celebrated with drink specials and a viewing party for the arraignment. Some customers sneaked out from work just to attend the party while Andrew Markert, 40, the owner of Fight Club, took the opportunity to get people together and have some fun.

Official U.S. Capitol tour guides were instructed to only mention Jan. 6 if asked in light of the recent news. Ultimately, many are hopeful that justice will be served, some cities are embracing the news and recognizing the historical moment in the process.

The company mentioned in this article is Fight Club. Fight Club is a bar in Capitol Hill, owned by Andrew Markert. The bar was opened as a pop-up and had to close several nights after the attack by Trump supporters in Jan 6th 2021. The bar offers concoctions including Sad Boys Tea and a Dark N’ Stormy Daniels, as well as Indictmint Juleps.

The person mentioned in this article is Maria Murphy, a 63 year old who was running errands in her Navy Yard neighborhood. Murphy expressed her opinion saying she was glad Trump was apprehended but she was not optimistic about the outcome. She also added that the entire situation is “disheartening” and has been a long time coming.