Recruiting Gen Z With Early Finish Fridays Perk

Image credit: Daily Mail Online

Businesses are getting creative in an attempt to draw in Gen Z and newly-graduated staff into the office by offering an early finish on Fridays. Hundreds of UK companies have been found to be extending the weekend as a way of enticing post-millennial employees to work for them.

A new study conducted by Adzuna, a job market statistics and insights firm, revealed that in the month of March, there were 1,426 job advertisements listing “early finish Friday” – a stark increase from the 583 in the same month five years prior. This suggests that companies are targeting the younger generation searching for more flexible working options, as employees prioritize job satisfaction and a healthier work-life balance after the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Adzuna’s data showed that around 75 percent of the jobs advertised were aimed at recruiting staff earning between £20,000 – £40,000 annually, which further indicates companies are targeting this demographic. Companies are even offering unique incentives such as free barista-style coffee, massages, team nights out and holiday incentives, which are often seen as attractive for Gen Z job seekers.

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna said that the trend may be here to stay, as employers attempt to make working more attractive to new joiners and they “demand more” in regards to a healthy work-life balance. It appears that this incentive is also working, as roles offering ‘early finish Friday’ are being filled up in greater numbers, and could become a staple of the recruitment process moving forward.

With this trend in mind, experts have advised businesses to keep in mind the importance of job satisfaction, and encourage more innovative policies to benefit both employers and staff. Such policies may even include mental health check-ins and offering employees the opportunity to work flexibly.

The person mentioned in this article is Andrew Hunter, a Co-founder of Adzuna. He is an experienced and well-respected entrepreneur with a reputation for being driven and results-focused. He is an expert on job market statistics and insights and has extensive experience in both start-ups and established firms. Andrew understands the need for great customer service and has demonstrated his ability to build strong relationships with potential clients. He is committed to creating innovative solutions that benefit job seekers and employers alike.