Revanna Launches Campaign in Holenarasipur Constituency


On Monday, April 3rd, Former Health Minister H.D. Revanna began his campaign in Holenarasipur constituency. The JD(S) leader was accompanied by his son, MLC Dr. Suraj Revanna, and visited a few villages in Kasaba and Halekote hoblis. The campaign officially began with prayer at the local Channakeshava temple at Mudalahippe, while Revanna has declared that he typically visits temples in the region during election season.

Besides touring around villages and hoblis, Revanna reiterated that discussions had been held in Bengaluru on Sunday for the still-undecided candidate for the Hassan seat, which was originally held by Deve Gowda for 60 years. Revanna stated that Deve Gowda is well-versed in the area and will ultimately make the final decision on the poll contender. His wife Bhavani Revanna, along with former MLA H.S. Prakash’s son H.P. Swaroop, are the two strongest contenders for the JD(S) party ticket.

This is not the first time Revanna has campaigned in the Holenarasipur constituency, as he has achieved victory in this area five times in the past. His legacy of faithfulness to his constituency speaks volumes, making him an ideal candidate for the people of the region. As the election nears, Revanna has proven his dedication to meeting the needs of the people and earning their trust for the future.

The JD(S) party is well established and stands for other values, including the provision of justice and the well-being of India’s citizens. The party promotes a wide range of initiatives and projects, including health, education and employment, among many others. By standing behind a candidate with a strong grass-roots background and support, like Revanna, the JD(S) is demonstrating its commitment to a brighter, more prosperous future for all of India.