Revanth Reddy Alleges ₹100 Crore Hospital Land Deal Worth ₹800 Crore

Image credit: The Hindu

Telangana Congress president A. Revanth Reddy has levelled some serious allegations that the state government has gone against the recommendations of the Government panels to give away land worth ₹ 800 crore at just ₹ 100 crore to a corporate hospital. This land was being used for constructing a massive 5 lakh sq ft on acre which far exceeds the existing norms of 1 lakh sq ft across the nation. Mr. Reddy believes that those behind it are utilizing resources acquired illegally while taking entry of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao into national politics.

The controversy began in 2010 when the then-Congress government supplied five acres at ₹ 10 crore per acre. This rate was hiked to ₹ 12 crore per acre by HMDA recommendations. Subsequently, three people close to the ruling regime were appointed as Directors in the company, and the case argued in court.

Mr. Reddy claims that a top corporate hospital recently purchased three adjoining acres for ₹ 37,611 per yard in 2017, which amounted to ₹ 18.20 crores per acre, when the market rate was ₹ 2 lacs per yard. The Ranga Reddy district revenue officials had already fixed ₹ 33.70 crores per acre and HMDA sold land adjacent to it at ₹ 39 crore, implying that the rate of the land supplied to the corporate hospital was beneath its supposed value.

The company behind this transaction is a top corporate hospital that is believed to have received some form of favoritism for all the known reasons. The company has not yet commented on the allegations, and Telangana government has not come forward to clarify either.

Mr. A. Revanth Reddy is challenging the state government to prove him wrong on the issue or confiscate the land from the beneficiary. He has presented the relevant documents to the media, thus bringing the case to the public eye. The case is still pending and the final verdict is yet to be announced.