Russell Crowe Jealous of Gladiator’s Sequel: An Interview

Image credit: The Times of India

Hollywood veteran Russell Crowe says “Gladiator” proved to be a career turnaround for him and he is “slightly jealous” of not being part of its upcoming follow-up. Acclaimed filmmaker Ridley Scott, who directed the iconic historical drama in 2000, is returning to helm the sequel starring Paul Mescal. Crowe won the Best Actor Oscar for his role as Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius in the film and admits it changed the way people view his career in the movie industry.

In an interview with entertainment website Collider, the New Zealand actor admitted his feelings of jealousy towards the production of the sequel and expressed his admiration of the impact “Gladiator”. has had on audiences for over two decades now. Crowe went on to say that even after 20 years, the film will still be screened on television and it is an achievement not every film can boast.

The story follows Maximus as he, after being forced into slavery, engages in a mission for revenge against the crown prince Commodus, who murdered his family and the king. The production collected five Oscars, including Best Picture, as well as other awards from Chicago Film Critics Circle, Golden Globe, and SAG awards.

For the sequel, Scott has roped in Paul Mescal with Connie Nielsen making a return as Lucilla, and Barry Keoghan in talks to potentially join the cast. The much anticipated part two of “Gladiator” has a planned release date of November 2024.

Ridley Scott is a British filmmaker and iconic director whose directing, producing, and writing works span various genres, including science fiction, thriller, and action. He is known for famously directing Blade Runner (1982,) Thelma & Louise (1991,) and Alien (1979.) His other credits also include Hannibal (2001,) Black Hawk Down (2001,) and The Martian (2015.)

Russell Crowe is an award-winning internationally renowned actor and film producer. Hailing from New Zealand, Crowe’s acting career mainly consists of his roles in Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind (2002,) American Gangster (2007,) Les Miserables (2012,) The Nice Guys (2016,) and Father Figures (2017.) Besides the Oscar, his acting credits consist of numerous awards and nominations, including two Oscar nominations, two Golden Globe wins, and five BAFTA Awards.