Say Goodbye to Rummaging: London City Airport Discontinues 100ml Liquid Restrictions


Travelling through London City Airport is now a far more seamless experience with the introduction of new high-tech scanners, which allow passengers to take up to two litres of liquids in their hand luggage. These scanners have permitted the airport to scrap the 100ml liquid limit rule, making it the first of the capital’s hubs to do so, whilst also allowing passengers to keep their laptops and other electronic devices in their hand luggage.

London City Airport is the busiest British airport to introduce this technology, after Teesside Airport in north east England, and other airports around the world such as the United States and Amsterdam’s Schipol hub have already installed the high-tech scanners. The scanners are part of Britain’s ambition to install them at all airports by June in 2024, helping to ease security queues significantly as travellers will not have to take out items from their bags. The new process is designed to deliver a much more efficient security operation with enhanced security screenings.

Alison FitzGerald, Chief Operating Officer at London City Airport, highlighted the convenience that the new processes brings to passengers, saying that the “journey will be much less stressful without the hassle of unloading different items from your hand luggage”. The 100ml limit rule was originally implemented in 2006 after an attack plot involving liquid explosives at Heathrow Airport was foiled by police.

Overall, this technology has improved the efficiency of travelling through London City Airport, allowing passengers to travel conveniently and on-time to their destinations. As a result, the airport will be able to provide an enhanced customer experience, with the added value of security.