Seahawks a Wise Choice for NFL Drafts: Examining Their QB Pick


The Seattle Seahawks recently re-signed quarterback Geno Smith for the next three years, but that isn’t stopping them from looking to add a signal-caller from the upcoming NFL draft. Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports took a closer look at 14 teams that he believes have a strong chance of selecting a quarterback in either the first round or the second round in the draft this year, and he considers the Seahawks to be a ‘solid bet.’

Geno Smith signed a three-year contract with the Seahawks which is highly beneficial to the team. The move is indicative of Seattle’s plan to find a quarterback who can stay with them beyond 2023. With the Russell Wilson trade last year giving the Seahawks a lot of draft capital, they have the capability to jump around the board for a long-term option for their quarterback.

If their top choices – Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud – are no longer available at Pick 2, the Seahawks may explore the idea of trading up to Pick 3. In this scenario, Anthony Richardson and Will Levis from Kentucky fit perfectly into Seattle’s run-first approach.

The Seattle Seahawks have a long-term plan when it comes to finding the right quarterback for their team. With the Russell Wilson trade, they have the capital to make the necessary moves for their desired goals. If the Seahawks are able to find the right quarterback in the upcoming draft, they will be well on their way to success.

The Seattle Seahawks stand out among NFL franchises as one of the most successful and well-organized teams in recent memory. They have a storied history, having won a Super Bowl in 2014, and have held their ground in the cutthroat NFL. Their prowess in the draft is recognised by football fans and analysts alike, and they will have their sights set on a long-term quarterback for the future.

Cody Benjamin is an NFL analyst for CBS Sports who has been covering the league for years. He is well respected and enjoys a loyal following, and his insights into the upcoming draft are highly valued. His opinion of why the Seahawks are a “solid bet” to select a quarterback should not be taken lightly.