Sepura Home Secures $3.7 Million to Transform Kitchen Sinks into Composters


Victoria, BC-based firm Sepura has recently come up with a clever new idea: a home appliance that can be placed under a kitchen sink in place of a typical garbage disposal. Through Bluetooth connectivity, pressing a button near the sink starts the process of composting and separating food waste. Sepura’s device is designed to be safer, with safeguards to stop liquid drainage and detect any utensils that may mistakenly enter the process.

The company recently closed a $3.7 million seed round led by Blanco – a sink-maker – in order to accelerate the production and delivery of their product, which will be available for purchase at $700 this coming July. According to co-founder and CEO Victor Nicolov, crushing or grinding food waste is often unnecessary, and Sepura’s technology allows for the conservation of food waste for better environmental results.

Sepura has made a major step forward in sustainable living and offers a simple, yet effective way to reduce waste. A 99.9% effectiveness threshold in separating solid waste is promoted by the company, offering a great opportunity to improve how food waste impacts the environment.

Victor Nicolov is the CEO and co-founder of Sepura. He is a strong advocate of sustainability, believing that food waste shouldn’t be crushed or ground in order to realize the potential of sustainable living. Nicolov is a driving force behind the company’s success and mission of preserving the environment through innovative tech products.

Under his guidance, the company has achieved positive results, despite the difficult economic conditions of today’s world. His vision and commitment to Sepura’s mission has led them to success and will continue to do so as it moves into the future.