Siddappa: Ron Sitting MLA Challenged by Wife and Brother in Bid for Ticket


Kalakappa Bandi, the BJP MLA of Gadag, is facing some tough competition in securing a ticket to contest the upcoming elections. Bandi’s wife, Samyukta, and his brother, Siddappa, are both contesting for the ticket from the saffron party. Siddappa, an RSS worker and long-time supporter of his brother, claims he has worked for the past 20 years and developed a good rapport with the voters in the constituency. Samyukta, who is a post-graduate in political science and belonging to the family of Kittur Channamma, wants to prove herself and thus put forward her candidature.

Apart from the Bandi family, many other aspirants like Ravi Dandin, Andappa Sankanur and Hemagirish Havinal are also in contention. An internal survey conducted by the BJP is suspecting that Bandi will lose in the upcoming elections which can be another reason why his wife is claiming the ticket.

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Siddappa Bandi is a political figure from Ron and he openly claims his candidature in the constituency. He has been working and campaigning for his brother in the past four assembly elections and other elections from gram panchayat to the Lok Sabha. As the former has not been of help to the community during the pandemic, Siddappa asserts that the youths and elders of the constituency are in support of his candidacy. He is sure of gathering all the necessary supports from the BJP and is ready to back his desire with a promise at the Kalakaleshwar temple, near Gajendragad.