Speaking Honestly: Archana Gautam Views on Being a Neta


Archana Gautam is a former politician turned entertainment star who recently left politics to pursue her dream of being an entertaining star. She has acted in various languages including her native Haryanvi which she is currently exploring. Gautam was an active politician till last year and a contestant in the reality show, Bigg Boss 16 which opened up a number of possibilities for her entertainment commitments.

Commenting on whether her outbursts in the show damaged her image as a politician, Gautam said, “People appreciate honesty in politicians and my outbursts were a result of that.” Talking about her active involvement in her political career, she indicated that her party had given her time off from her political duties owing to her entertainment projects.

Though Gautam is focusing on her acting career right now, she has not ruled out a return to politics in the future. Her main ambition is to become an exemplary figure for those from underprivileged backgrounds and to uplift them, especially young women. Moreover, she feels that it is important for more young people and women to join politics.

Television shows such as Bigg Boss 16 bring in interesting contestants including politicians like Gautam. These shows provide a unique platform for vocalizing the issues faced by members of the public and encourage more people to get involved in politics and become active citizens of the country. The show has also provided Gautam with a strong fan following who have encouraged her decision to be involved in the entertainment industry while also keeping her motive of bettering the society intact.