Stratasys and CollPlant Join Forces to Create Transformative Healthcare With Industrial-Scale Bioprinted Tissues and Organs


Stratasys Ltd (Nasdaq:SSYS) and CollPlant Biotechnologies (Nasdaq: CLGN) have announced a joint effort to advance medical industry with the development of innovative, industrial-scale bioprinting of tissues and organs with Stratasys’ new P3 3D printing technology and CollPlant’s rh-Collagen-based bioinks. The first project will focus on the development of cutting-edge breast implants, which will revolutionize current breast augmentation or reconstruction procedures and are estimated to revolutionize the $2.6 billion global breast implants market.

Stratasys is a leading 3D printing solutions provider that specializes in the development and delivery of polymer 3D printing technologies. Stratasys’ new P3 3D printing technology offers the highest precision and process control which makes it an ideal choice for bioprinting applications and demonstrates their commitment to developing innovative technologies while putting people first.

CollPlant is a pioneering regenerative and aesthetics medicine organization that develops groundbreaking collagen-based products for tissue regeneration and organ fabrication. Their rhCollagen-based regenerative breast implants, as seen in their large-animal study, is designed to restore an individual’s natural breast tissue without causing any immune responses, making it a viable alternative for both aesthetic and reconstructive procedures.

Under the agreement, both companies will cross-promote each other’s bioprinting products and Stratasys’ bioprinters will be made available to CollPlant’s business partners and customers, with CollPlant’s bioinks. Additionally, Stratasys CEO Dr. Yoav Zeif, who believes that this strategic move is an important opportunity to transform healthcare with bioprinting and enhance the lives of all breast augmentation and reconstruction patients, shared his thoughts on the partnership and Stratasys’ plans to lead in additive manufacturing. Meanwhile, CollPlant CEO Yehiel Tal highlighted the incredible potential in human tissue regeneration that both companies possess collectively and looks forward to their future success.

The massive potential of this bioprinting endeavor has demonstrated its place not only in the medical industry but also how Stratasys and CollPlant together have the power to revolutionize modern healthcare.