Streaming Soon: Amriter Sandhane, The Banaras Chapter Web Series


The upcoming web-series ‘Amriter Sandhane – The Banaras Chapter’ is all set to premiere on a Bengali OTT platform on April 14. Directed by Abhinandan Dutta, it is divided into 8 episodes and is a thriller with an emotional twist. It features an amazing star cast, consisting of actors Chandan Roy Sanyal, Sauraseni Maitra and ‘Mandar’ fame Debashis Mondal who will bring in an intriguing web of drama.

Chandan Roy Sanyal has proved his talent time and again, from OTT projects like ‘Ray’, ‘Forbidden Love’, ‘Ashram’, and movies in Hindi, Bengali and English, to now ‘Amriter Sandhane’. On the other hand, Debashis Mondal, who is known for various web series including ‘Jhonny and Bonny’ and ‘Shikarpur’, adds more to this already amazing project. Sauraseni Maitra, with her projects for ‘Ekannoborti’, ‘Baba Baby O’ and ‘Mayakumari’, will definitely bring something new to the series.

The OTT platform where this soon to be released series will premiere is owned by Nispal Singh’s production house. With the growing popularity of web series and platform-specific movies, it will be a treat to watch this series. It is expected to hook viewers and keep them entertained with carefully crafted plots and characters.

The production house owned by Nispal Singh has made sure to provide the viewers with an entertaining platter in various genres. This upcoming project is thus a much-needed addition to the existing list and a feast for viewers who love to binge watch.