Success with my Third Business – Generating $16,000 in Monthly Revenue with Instagram and TikTok Side Hustles

Image credit: Business Insider

Chase Coleman’s incredible story is one of success and determination achieved through a wealth of hard work and resilience. An experienced brand specialist at Starbucks, Chase realized the skills necessary to succeed in the corporate world weren’t widely taught in college. With this in mind, he launched a blog called It’s Millennial Talk in 2017 as a side hustle.

This was followed by a podcast attempt, however it still did not bring him the success he desired. Then, inspired by a friend, he experimented with creating content for TikTok and Instagram about the corporate world. His unique content, often incorporating humor and business advice combined with diversity and inclusion issues, quickly proved to be a winning formula.

Chase’s side hustle delivers up to $16,000 per month in revenue, a figure which has been verified by Insider. His success has been largely driven by his background in the corporate world, allowing him to understand and use informational resources such as influencer budgets, data analytics and negotiation strategies.

His continued success has enabled him to launch the Young Professionals Conference in May, bringing together recruiters, college students and mentors to provide career-development opportunities and guidance to young professionals.

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Chase Coleman is an experienced brand specialist and social media influencer currently employed at Amazon and running a side hustle via The Corporate Chase on TikTok and Instagram. A go-getter, he was not satisfied with the skills taught in college and took it upon himself to create a blog called It’s Millennial Talk in 2017. He has since achieved considerable success on social media, with his monthly revenue peaking at $16,000, as verified by Insider. Most significantly, his success has enabled him to launch the Young Professionals Conference, a platform which provides students and mentors with career-development opportunities.