Sunsuria Bhd Stock Quote (Malaysia) – MarketWatch Stock Price 3743


Sunsuria Bhd is a public company listed on the Malaysian stock exchange, with the stock price on 3743 as per the MarketWatch. The corporation has its roots in investment holding and management services and has diversified over the years into four key business segments viz. construction, property development, healthcare and investment holding and other.

The construction segment covers different construction activities, while the property development segment involves commercial and residential development. The healthcare segment of the company comprises trading of pharmaceutical and medical goods and the operation of health care centers. The investment holding and other segment mainly includes investment activities, and provision of management services.

Leong Yap Ter is the founder of Sunsuria Bhd and the corporation is headquartered in the city of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The company was incorporated on 4 December 1968.

Sunsuria Bhd has grown significantly over the years and is a major player in the Malaysian stock exchange. The company is well poised for further development and growth with its diversified portfolio and successful business strategies implemented. Leong Yap Tim is a renowned businessperson in Malaysia and has been involved in numerous successful businesses. He is credited for creating an integrated infrastructure of Sunsuria Bhd and setting the platform for its further growth.