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Appario Now Shipping Inventory to New Merchants

Discover how Amazon JV seller Appario's delisting from the Amazon India platform and inventory transition to new merchants like Dawntech and Clicktech Retail could shape the ecommerce industry in India. Learn how this move could impact customer service, Amazon's margin, product quality control and more.

FICCI President Subhrakant Panda: India Crucial for Global Company Growth

FICCI, India's apex industry body, collaborates with government to promote economic growth & investment opportunities. According to FICCI President Subhrakant Panda, reforms empower India to offer unmatched proposition. FICCI hosted business roundtable, expressing positive outlook for India's future growth. PM Modi lays out vision for self-reliant India for global companies.

IMF Cuts Global Growth Outlook due to Financial System Shaking

This article summarises news on the IMF's revised world economic outlook, resulting concerns around a possible recession and advice issued by the IMF to central banks. Janet Yellen also features as a key figure in this article as a trusted figure in the global economic landscape. An understanding of the International Monetary Fund, Yellen and the related impacts on the global economy is provided.

Exploring Industrial and Infrastructure Sectors for Investment Opportunities with Pashupati Advani

Invest in industrial and infrastructure sectors and explore great opportunities to seek higher returns! Pashupati Advani, Founder & Chairman of Global Foray, is optimistic about the Indian market's potential and recommends looking for companies with inelastic, demanded products. Know more about his views on the Famous Four, metals, cement and other stocks. Get tailored financial and investment advice from Global Foray!

FICCI President Stresses Importance of India for Company Growth

This article by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) president, Subhrakant Panda, highlights the advantages of India as the perfect destination for global companies looking for business growth. From its immense domestic market, resources for both production and exports, and ease of doing business, India is indeed the place to be. Panda explains the recent reforms to make doing business easier has made India an attractive destination for global investors.


Unknown Viruses Found Hiding in Unicellular Organism DNA

Discover the unseen worlds of single-celled microbes, as researchers from the University of Innsbruck's Department of Ecology uncover thousands of previously unknown viruses embedded into the DNA. Prof. Ruben Sommaruga, Dr. Christopher Bellas and Marie-Sophie Plakolb studied their function and revealed their part in protecting the host cell. The study, funded by the Austrian Science Fund, is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Real-Life Chimeras: The Amazing Male Yellow Crazy Ants

Explore the science behind an amazing discovery: an international team of researchers have found that the yellow crazy ant has a unique reproductive system featuring males with two sets of chromosomes, an astonishing difference observed only in a few species around the world. Dr. Hugo Darras, lead author of a research paper released in Science magazine, is a professor at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Learn how the team uncovered how this species reproduces and how this discovery may change the way we look at insect biology.

Running a Business in the Afterlife Industry

From embalming during the civil war to green burials and human composting, the death care business grows each year. Learn about the $20B industry, how it's changing, and how to honor a loved one's final act of kindness—all for under $7000.

Interview with Investor Lauren Maillian: Five Important Questions

. Lauren Maillian is a major force in the investment world for the past 5 years. During her role as CEO of Digitalundivided, Maillian spearheaded their biannual reports, "ProjectDianne", to track women entrepreneurs and drive change through advocacy. She also formed partnerships with leading companies to quadruple the organization's revenue. Her portfolio and data-backed research have shaped the industry to secure futures for Black women and Latina founders and set in motion real, tangible change.