Taron Egerton Stars in Chaotic Cold-War Thriller: Review of ‘Tetris’ Movie


Tetris is a thrilling cold-war thriller featuring reliable Taron Egerton that is based on a true story about how the popular game Tetris escaped the Iron Curtain. The 118-minute-long movie is directed by Jon S. Baird and focuses on the licensing war over the game in the late 80s, rather than its conception.

The movie features Taron Egerton as Dutch-born entrepreneur Henk Rogers, whose passion for video games takes him to Las Vegas where he stumbles upon Tetris at a trade show. In addition to him, the movie includes Tony Jones as Robert Stein, the capitalist at Andromeda Software, Rick Yune as Abraham, Anthony Boyle as Kevin Maxwell, British billionaire’s son, and Nikita Efremov as Alexey Pajitnov, the inventor of Tetris.

The film shifts between comedy and suspenseful-drama abruptly, which makes its tone jarring. The political aspect of the movie which pits the USSR and capitalism is in direct conflict with the existence of a billion and his son who haven’t worked a day in their life. Another aspect of the movie that can be criticized is its lack of characterization for Roger’s family.

Despite these, Egerton is reliable and will keep the viewers hooked. The riviting soundtrack, along with a high-octane car-chase featuring 80s cars in Soviet Russia, make this film worth a watch, though it gets tedious in the middle due to its lack of depth.

Taron Egerton is a Welsh actor, who started his career in theatre and gained recognition with his lead role in the film Rocketman in 2019, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination. Since then, he featured in the Kingsman movie series, Sing 2 and the Robin Hood remake of 2018.

Andromeda Software is a game development studio based out of Las Vegas, which was founded by Robert Stein. The studio is known for creating various video games including Bubsy II, Sin and Punishment, and Q*bert 3D. The company is also known for developing many browser-based games, as well as mobile applications.