TCL Achieves Global Leadership in TV Industry with Easy Access to miniLED Technology


TCL, a global leader in cutting-edge television technology, has proven its dedication to making TV technology accessible for all by claiming the second place spot for TV market share in 2022 due to its breakthrough advancements in Mini LED technology and its vision that bigger does really mean better when it comes to screen size. The brand’s success is reflected in its total shipments of 23.8 million during that year, growing 75.7% in sales of 65+ inch models, which stands starkly in contrast to the global downward trend in the industry’s revenue and shipment volume.

The company at the heart of this success story, TCL, is a conglomerate based out of China. Founded in 1981, the company has since grown to become a multi-brand, multi-channel corporation with a presence in more than 70 countries and regions across the world. As a global leader in consumer electronics, the brand boasts enduring success in the industry, with products ranging from refrigerators to smartphones, and from air conditioners to televisions. It is no wonder that TCL has continued to secure its place as a leader among the world’s top television brands.

Sam Wang, the Director of TCL’s TV Business, played an essential role in the company’s success as it claimed the second-place spot for TV market share in 2022. Wang described the success as “an illustration of the strength of [TCL’s] technology,” adding that TCL is pushing the boundaries of what television can do and the unique ways it can be enjoyed. Wang has been a part of the TCL team since 2015 and has led the brand’s success since then. He is now committed to continuing to make Mini LED technology widely accessible and to bring innovative possibilities to the television industry.

By putting a strong emphasis on developing and marketing its advanced display technology to the masses, TCL has broken the mould and set a new standard for what the industry can expect from the world’s top TV brands. It has been exciting to see the brand’s advancements and continued commitment to making its technology widely accessible, further demonstrating its focus on providing premium experiences for its customers.