Teen Skier Muir Scores Double British Success


Teenage freestyle skier Kirsty Muir had a momentous season to remember as she clinched two titles at the British Freeski and Snowboard Championships. The competition returned for the first time in four years, and it was in stark contrast to the events of 2020, which curtailed most sporting activities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Muir, who at the age of 11 has already competed in the Brits, enjoyed being part of the familiar and nostalgic atmosphere. She enthusiastically spoke of her joy at the event, remarking “It’s really fun to be back at the Brits. It’s such a lovely atmosphere.”

The skier later noted that competitions such as the X Games in Aspen, Colorado, and the Olympics have higher prestige than the Brits, considering the Olympics take place once every four years and the X Games are annual before she achieved two medals at the former in January. She was also elated to have achieved a double sixteen in Aspen for the first time, adding that the atmosphere there was “incredible.”

Kirsty Muir is on the path to the 2022 Winter Olympics, which she finished fifth in, and the 2019 World Revolution Tour, where she placed third. After a few weeks of spring skiing, she will take a break before training again to perfect her tricks, which she’ll need to do before her season starts in New Zealand.

Very much part of the competition was a collection of veteran athlete and Olympians, including Lesley McKenna, Murray Buchan, and of course, Billy Morgan. Morgan, who won a bronze medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics, recalled his own experiences of the Brits, noting that he felt inspired by seeing the British scene in one place and that the event itself gave him “the appetite to want to prove to himself that he could become a professional snowboarder.”

Supporting this sentiment Morgan reiterates importance of the Brits in identifying young talent and helping athletes progress, concluding that “Brits make a big difference to the youngsters and it’s great having the legends about as well.”

The GB Snowsport freestyle snowboard head coach, Hamish McKnight, is also an integral part of the event. Speaking on the experience of those participating in the Brits, McKnight further echoed Morgan’s sentiment, recalling that “the atmosphere [of the Brits] ensured enjoyable competition for all – and the chance for the experienced coaches to witness some of Britain’s emerging talent compete.

Muir’s success is just one of several stories coming out of the Brits, and shows the positive energy and optimism for the future of winter sports despite delays as a result of the pandemic. It’s clear the ski and snowboard connoisseurs will remain delighted for some time to come.