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The Benefits of Lying on a Résumé to Earn a Higher Paying Job

The Benefits of Lying on a Résumé to Earn a Higher Paying Job

Many people are aware of the importance of having a good résumé and may think that lying on such an important document is an unforgivable offense. But as a 37-year-old accounting professional shares, they lied on their résumé to get a much better-paying job and they think others should do the same.

When the accounting firm they worked for shut its doors at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, they chose to take the time off to be there for their child. To explain the gap, they took matters into their own hands and created a fictitious consulting business on their résumé, listing all the work they had done as freelance accounting, making it sound more professional and official.

They learned a new, complicated software mentioned in the job listing and were able to fill in their résumé to look as professional as possible – and it paid off. They landed the job and now make much more than they did before.

A good résumé may be the first step for the toughest job interviews, and a few little lies may help make it more impressive. But it is important to note that positivity can get you just as far as any fibs. Make sure to list every opportunity you have taken advantage of, every skill you have developed, and every strength you possess. If a job listing asks for a certain software, make sure you are familiar with it and take the time to learn the program if you are not.

One of the companies mentioned in this article is “the accounting firm [the person] worked for” and they work in accounting. The other company mentioned is the “consulting firm [they] created”, which was used to fill the gap on the resume. The person in this article is 37-year-old anonymous accounting professional.

The conclusion to this article is that although it might be tempting to take matters into one’s own hands and add a little omit to one’s résumé, it is important to demonstrate your skills in a genuine way, demonstrating the challenges you have faced and the opportunities you have taken up to develop your skills and increase your worth. These days, it is not about the amount of lies you are willing to tell, but rather about how much belief you have in yourself and how proactive you are in learning and developing your professional portfolio.